Families staying connected

Helping Families Feel Warmth and Love at a Distance

Tuesday Apr 28th, 2020


These times of isolation can be hard on everyone, especially those who are by themselves and out of work. But here are some suggestions to bring everyone (virtually) closer together and keep them their mind and body occupied:

  1. Call frequently – either video or just voice. I understand this goes against today’s trend of mostly IM’s (instant messaging or texting) communications. But holding a conversation with someone can give a sense of community through laughs, discussion, and even arguments. You can chat about recipes, books, movies, etc.

Another popular choice nowadays is holding video calls. This can be a bit more advanced, but if you have the technology and set up for it, it can the best way to check in on your loved ones (especially those far away) by bringing them into your home without leaving their house.

Oh, and invite your kids to call family if they feel up to it. This can warm a grandparent’s heart in a heartbeat.

  1. Suggest activities – paint together, drink together, eat pizza together or have a party together. If you were used to holding Wine & Cheese parties with your family & friends, you can continue hosting them with a different approach to keep up with our Social distancing current demands.  Some of the online resources great for this are Zoom, Google Hangouts, Group FaceTime or Facebook Live.
  1. Start a Club either for books or movie discussions. Suggest a list to read/watch (Netflix, Apple TV, Amazon Prime, or local TV) and schedule regular discussion events.

By the way, Amazon has a GREAT library of e-books completely FREE.



 4. Schedule regular exercise. Share links or YouTube channels and try them together. In addition to the obvious physical benefit, it also triggers the production of the happy hormone.

​ 5. Create videos of new recipes, dances, paintings, and share them with your family. This will surely bring a smile to everyone.

 6. Provide support for online shopping, especially to our most vulnerable. You can teach them how to do it (through a tutorial video or over a video call) or buy essential items, arts & crafts, and gardening items. The last two are to keep them busy.


I hope this can help you and your family stay close, especially lift the spirit of our most vulnerable family members who may find themselves alone but lonely no more.


By Norys Loreto

Web Marketing Consultant – BeeOnline.ca