This quick questionnaire will help you determine if you should stay in your existing home or if it might be time to consider a move.

Please print and fill it out to assess your life-transition stage.


Questions Yes No   Sometimes 
Am I mobile?       
Do I need assistance with walking, getting dressed, bathing?      
Can I shop for myself?      
Can I look after my own banking and bill payments?      
Am I comfortable living alone?      
Can I climb stairs?      
Can I carry out independent outting?      
Can I do my own laundry/Do I want to do laundry for myself?      
Can I cook for myself/Do I want to cook for myself?      
Is my current home too big?      
Do I enjoy my current home?      
Can I financially manage all of my home's maintenance expenses, taxes & bills?      
Do I have family and friends nearby?      
Do I want to move?      
What am I looking by moving?
What am I looking by staying?



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