Now that the most important decision of this journey has been taken, we need to consider how much of your treasures collected throughout the years you can keep in your new and improved space.

For starters, we need to consider the new space and which of your current items you can reuse to furnish your new home. Once that's settled, consider if you will be moving from a home with a large kitchen to an apartment with a kitchenette,  will you be cooking as much as before? Will you be hosting big parties or BBQs? Will you be needing your tools?

Once you are close to deciding what to keep, measure your big items to check if they will fit in your new home. This will also ease the decision process by eliminating that furniture that will not fit or no longer use.

Think of this as an opportunity for a spring cleaning, where you will declutter your life.

When it comes to reducing your personal treasures, give them away to family & friends in a happy setting. Allow them to choose what they would like to keep and celebrate it by sharing the memories behind those cherished items.

The excess furniture can be sold online, which can generate some funds. You could recruit someone close to tend the online advertising and interact with potential clients. Another options is to donate them.

You can start packing while going through the different rooms and deciding which items to keep. But always remember to involve your loved one to avoid physical injuries.


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